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Brake System


Brake System

The brake system is an essential auto service that ensures your vehicle’s safe and reliable operation. It’s essential to have regular auto service for your brakes, as they are responsible for slowing or stopping your car when necessary. Brake service and repair involves replacing worn-out parts and ensuring all components are in proper working order to ensure maximum driveability safety. Regular brake maintenance can help prevent costly auto repairs down the road, so make sure you get regular auto service for your brakes!

When do I need to check the Brake System?

It’s important to regularly check your vehicle’s brake system to ensure safe and reliable operation. You should have an auto service technician inspect your brakes at least once a year; however, more frequent inspections may be necessary if you drive frequently. Signs that indicate a need for brake inspection include grinding or squealing noises when the brakes are applied, the “Check Engine” light coming on in your vehicle, or spongy brakes upon pressing down.

Benefits of checking the brake system:

– It prevents costly auto repairs in the future. 

– It ensures maximum safety while driving. 

– It identifies any potential problems before they become more serious issues. 

– It helps maintain optimal performance of your car’s brakes for reliable stopping power when needed.

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Brakes must be maintained and fixed correctly in a timely manner utilizing the latest equipment and technology and genuine or factory/dealer parts.

Package starts at $199:
  • Replace Brake Pads
  • Lubricate Components
  • Add Fluids
  • Check Rotors